Where To Buy Sand For Landscaping? (Find OUT)

Sand is a popular landscaping material that has many uses. Sand can be used for building retaining walls, for filling in low spots, as drainage layers beneath plants and shrubs, and more. 

However, if you don’t have any sand at home or your local hardware store, where do you get it? In this guide we’ll show you where to buy sand for landscaping so that you can get started on your next project!


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Amazon has a wide selection of sand. You’re probably familiar with Amazon and its convenient shopping experience, but did you know that they sell sand? If not, consider this your sign that it’s time to start using the site for more than just books and electronics.

Amazon offers a good return policy on their products, including those sold by third-party sellers. This means that if your order arrives damaged or defective, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement even if it was shipped from another seller on Amazon’s marketplace. 

They also have excellent customer service: in case there are any issues with your order (or if you have questions about how much sand to use on your landscaping project), simply call their toll-free number and talk through them until all questions are answered!

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You can head to your local Walmart and buy sand for landscaping. There are many different types of sand available, so you have a lot of options. You can choose between fine or coarse sand, or a combination of both if you want a unique look.

The cost may vary depending on the brand and type that you purchase. The price can range from $1-$10 per bag depending on how much you use each time. 

In some cases, it may be more cost effective to rent instead of buy; this depends on how frequently you need new bags delivered and what kind of budget constraints there are in place for your business venture (or personal project).

Walmart Sand Options for Landscaping

Types of SandDescription
Fine SandUsed for a variety of purposes, such as filling in paving gaps and creating a smooth surface
Coarse SandBest used for areas like children’s sandboxes or other types of play areas
Combination SandOffers a unique texture and is ideal for more decorative landscaping projects

Walmart has a wide selection of sand for landscaping available in their stores. With options for fine, coarse, or combination sand, you can find the right type of sand for your specific landscaping needs. Whether you’re filling in gaps in paving stones or creating a children’s play area, Walmart has you covered with their sand options.


Lowes is a great place to buy sand. It has a huge selection of all kinds of different types and colors of sand, in both fine and coarse varieties. 

There are many types of sand; for example, you can get playa or beach sand if you want something light and fluffy that kids can easily build castles with, or if you want something heavy like silica crystals (which are used in aquariums) then there’s plenty available too!

Lowes also has an excellent selection when it comes to sizes as well as textures: some people prefer coarser grains while others want very fine ones that will look more natural on their landscape. 

Some people even like the texture of crushed stones instead because they make the perfect border between lawns/gardens and pathways without having gravel lines everywhere which would be hard for children or pets to walk on safely

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Home Depot

Home Depot stores carry a wide range of sand products. They have a nice selection, but it’s not the cheapest option.

Home Depot has a wide selection of sand products available. They have bags, bulk and pallets at different prices depending on what you need.

Home Depot sand is available in standard and premium grades. The premium grade does cost more than the regular grade because it’s better quality and lasts longer before needing to be replaced if you want to save money on your next landscaping project then go with the premium grade!


Menards is a home improvement chain. They sell lumber, paint, tools and appliances from their stores. Menards has over 250 stores in the Midwest and sells products through their website or through the Wait List program. The company is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Landscaping Suppliers

Landscaping suppliers are one of the most convenient sources of sand, as they often sell sand in bulk. 

This means you can purchase exactly the right amount of sand, without having to worry about having leftovers once your project is complete. However, landscaping suppliers tend to be more expensive than other sources and may not have as many options when it comes to types or colors of sand available. 

If you’re looking for a specific type or color of sand and won’t mind paying extra money, then a landscaper is your best bet!

Landscaping Supplier Sand Options

SupplierType of SandDescription
Allied Landscape SupplyVariousOffers a variety of sand options, including brick sand, mason sand, and river jack sand
The Original Landscape SupplyScreened SandProvides high-quality screened sand that’s perfect for most landscaping projects
CLS Landscape SupplySand and GravelOffers high-quality sand and gravel products ideal for a wide range of landscaping needs
Home DepotVariousHas a wide selection of sand types and quantities for both residential and commercial needs
Lowe’sVariousProvides bulk sand at competitive prices for a range of landscaping applications

Landscaping supply companies are a convenient source of sand for landscaping and often offer bulk orders. Allied Landscape Supply, The Original Landscape Supply, and CLS Landscape Supply are just a few examples of companies that provide various sand options for their clients. Home Depot and Lowe’s are also popular big-box stores that offer a range of sand options for both residential and commercial needs.

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are a great place to buy sand for landscaping. While you can purchase pre-mixed soil from hardware stores, this type of soil often contains an excessive amount of peat and compost, which can affect plant health over time.

Instead of bagged soil or mulch, try buying your landscape materials from hardware stores in bulk form. 

You’ll find an extensive variety of options from coarse and fine sands to colored sands all available in different sizes and prices.

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Nurseries and garden centers

Visit a nursery or garden center. You can find bags of sand for landscaping at most nurseries, and these are often the cheapest way to purchase it. Plus, there are plenty of other things you can buy from a nursery or garden center that will improve your land’s appearance (like plants and mulch).

Find a supplier online. Sometimes you don’t have access to one in person, but they’re still an option if you’re looking for wholesale prices on larger quantities of material. It’s also worth trying online retailers who specialize in landscape supplies like Garden Hose Direct.

Mulch and Stone Supply Stores

You can find these stores at most garden centers, hardware stores and big box home improvement centers.

A good sand for landscaping will be a finer grain than beach sand, but coarser than play or kitty litter. The grain size should be between #4 and #20 or smaller (the smaller the number, the larger the particle).

Prices for sand vary widely depending on where you live and what brand of soil you buy. In general though, prices range from $0.75 to $1 per pound of sand (or less if they sell in bulk!). 

If you need just a little bit of extra fill dirt on top of your existing yard soil when landscaping your yard then buying some drainage gravel may be more economical since it’s usually cheaper than buying bags of commercial grade loam mix soil ($5-$6 each).

Transporting sand for landscaping can be tricky without the proper equipment. If you’re planning on moving large quantities of sand, consider learning how to build a landscaping trailer. Our article covers the steps required to build a trailer that can easily move landscaping materials.

Mason Supply Stores

Mason Supply Stores are a good place to buy sand. They have a large selection of sand in various colors and textures, allowing you to choose the exact kind you want for your project. The prices are reasonable and they offer bulk purchasing options as well.


Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the different types of sand and how they’re used in landscaping. 

It can be a bit overwhelming to choose which kind is best for your project. If you’re still not sure what type of sand will work best for your project, try using one or two different types of sand in small test areas before deciding on an overall product mix ratio. Happy landscaping!

Further Reading

Looking for more information on landscaping sand supplies? Here are some additional resources to check out:

Allied Landscape Supply: Landscape Sand – Allied Landscape Supply specializes in various types of landscaping sand, including brick sand, mason sand, and river jack sand. Visit their website to view their full selection.

The Original Landscape Supply: Sand – The Original Landscape Supply offers screened sand that is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects. Contact them today to learn more.

CLS Landscape Supply: Sand & Gravel – CLS Landscape Supply offers a variety of high-quality sand and gravel products for all your landscaping needs. Shop their selection online or contact them for assistance.


What kind of sand is best for landscaping?

The type of sand that is best for landscaping depends on your specific needs. For example, mason sand is great for creating a bed for brick and concrete pavers, while play sand is ideal for sandboxes and play areas. River jack sand is great for decorative landscaping projects and can add texture to your garden.

How much sand do I need for my landscaping project?

The amount of sand you will need depends on the size of your project. Measure the area of the space where you want to add sand. Multiply the length by the width and the depth to get the total cubic feet needed. Divide the total cubic feet by 27 to get the number of cubic yards needed.

Where can I buy landscaping sand?

You can buy landscaping sand from a variety of sources, including home improvement stores, landscapers, and specialty sand supply companies. You can also buy sand online from various retailers. It’s important to research and compare prices to find the best deal.

Can sand be used on hillsides for erosion control?

Yes, sand can be used on hillsides for erosion control. It’s important to choose the correct type of sand for your specific needs and to properly install the sand to prevent further erosion. Consider consulting with a landscaping professional for guidance.

Is it safe to use sand from the beach in landscaping projects?

Using sand from the beach can be risky, as it may contain contaminants or litter. It’s recommended to use sand specifically designed for landscaping purposes. This sand is typically cleaner and has fewer impurities than beach sand.