Where To Buy Rocks For Landscaping? (Explained)

The best place to buy rocks for landscaping depends on the type of rock and where you’re going to use it. 

If your landscape project involves hardscaping, such as building a wall or walkway, you should buy from a stone company or quarry. If your project involves planting trees or shrubs, then visit a nursery supply store or tree farm.

What Is A Yard Of Landscape Rock

Sure, here’s a single column takeaway table based on the title “Where to Buy Rocks for Landscaping Explained”:

Research and choose the right type of rocks based on aesthetic and functional needs.
Consider factors like color, size, and texture when selecting landscaping rocks.
Determine the quantity of rocks needed and calculate the cost before making a purchase.
Shop around for the best prices and compare options from local suppliers and online retailers.
Don’t forget to factor in transportation and installation costs when budgeting for landscaping rocks.

Farm And Garden Stores

Farm and garden stores are a great place to buy rocks for landscaping. The rock selection is usually pretty good, and they have a lot of different sizes and shapes. 

In addition to having a wide variety of rocks, they also offer advice on how to use them in your landscaping project. The price of the rocks will vary depending on where you live, but most farm stores sell their stone products at reasonable prices.

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Any Place That Sells Plants Or Landscape Materials

Rock, stone and gravel are often sold in bags or by the ton. Bags of rock are usually smaller than a wheelbarrow, but should be heavy enough for you to pick up and carry with some effort. A wheelbarrow is too small to carry a ton of rock: it would be like trying to fit an elephant in your bathtub!

Brick And Stone Dealers

Brick and stone dealers are a great place to start when looking for rocks. You can use bricks and stones to create a pathway, patio or terrace. You can also use them to create a fire pit.

When you’re building your retaining wall, bricks and stones are the perfect choice of materials because they have enough weight to hold your wall in place but they still have some flexibility so that they won’t crack under pressure.

Installing a landscaping edge is a crucial step in achieving a polished landscape design. Fortunately, our landscaping edge installation guide provides a detailed explanation of the process. From marking the boundaries to laying the edging materials, we cover everything you need to know.

Building Supply/Hardware Stores

Building supply and hardware stores are a great place to look for rocks. These types of stores sell a wide variety of products, so you can find rocks that will work well in your landscape. They are often open 7 days a week, so you don’t have long to wait for your order if you need it quickly. Many building supply and hardware stores also offer sales and discounts on their wares, so keep an eye out for those signs when shopping at one of these locations.

Building supply/hardware stores typically sell their products by the piece or by the pound (or bag), making them convenient places to get large quantities of rock without having to worry about paying too much per pound or piece.

Building Supply/Hardware Stores

Store NameLocationType of Rocks Available
Home DepotMultiple locationsRiver rock, pea gravel, granite, limestone, sandstone
Lowe’sMultiple locationsRiver rock, pea gravel, granite, marble, lava rock
MenardsMultiple locationsRiver rock, pea gravel, crushed stone, lava rock, marble chips
Ace HardwareMultiple locationsRiver rock, pea gravel, flagstone, granite, lava rock

This table provides information on building supply and hardware stores that sell a variety of landscaping rocks. Each entry includes the store name, location, and the types of rocks available for purchase at that location. Customers can use this information to compare options and make an informed decision when selecting a store to purchase their landscaping rocks from.

Gravel Or Rock Quarries Or Producers

If you’re looking for gravel or rock for landscaping, the first place to start is at a local quarry or producer. 

Quarries are companies that mine and produce rocks and gravel. They may also provide them in a retail setting. When buying from a quarry, you need to be sure that they’re selling high-quality materials and not just trying to make money on inferior products. You should ask:

  • How long has this company been producing rocks?
  • Do they have any certifications (ISO 9001)?
  • What kind of machinery do they use? Is it cutting edge technology or older equipment?
  • What is their reputation in the community as far as customer service goes?

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Home Improvement Center

You can also find rocks at home improvement centers. The selection may not be as wide, but you will still have access to several different kinds of boulder and rock in varying sizes. 

The best part about buying your rocks from a home improvement center is that they are always open! There is no need for you to wait until the weekend or after hours to go shopping for landscaping supplies if you buy them at a store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. 

You can simply go on your lunch break and pick up what you need without having to worry about closing times or limited hours that other brick-and-mortar stores might have during weekdays.

If there aren’t any landscaping companies nearby where you live then it may be worth checking out their inventory online as well since many businesses offer virtual browsing options now where customers can see pictures of all the different types of stones before making their final decision on whether or not they want something similar shipped directly into their yard through delivery services like UPS/FedEx Ground – which also offers free shipping promotions periodically throughout the year so keep an eye out for those deals too!

Landscape Architect Or Designer

To find rocks for landscaping, you can ask either a landscape architect or designer. A landscape architect or designer will know where to get rocks for landscaping and the types of rock that are best for your needs. They also know how to use rocks in your yard so that it looks natural and beautiful.

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Lawn And Garden Center

Lawn and garden centers are the best place to buy rocks for landscaping. Lawn and garden centers are usually located in the suburbs or out in the country, but they can also be found in some urban areas.

The staff at these stores usually consists of knowledgeable individuals who will tell you everything you need to know about buying rocks for your yard. They can help you select which rock would look best with your house and give advice on how much maintenance it will require.

Lawn and Garden Centers

Store NameLocationType of Rocks Available
Lowe’s Garden CenterNationwideRiver rock, pea gravel, crushed stone, lava rock, marble chips
The Home Depot Garden CenterNationwideRiver rock, pea gravel, granite, limestone, sandstone
Armstrong Garden CentersCaliforniaBeach pebbles, lava rock, decomposed granite, boulders
Pike NurseriesGeorgia, North CarolinaRiver rock, pea gravel, crimson stone, lava rock, granite

This table provides information on popular lawn and garden centers where customers can find a variety of landscaping rocks. Each entry includes the store name, location, and types of rocks available for purchase. Customers can use this information to compare options and make an informed decision on where to purchase their landscaping rocks from.

Nursery Or Nursery Supply Store

Nursery or nursery supply stores can be a great source for rocks. You’ll have access to a wide selection of different types of rock, and you might even find some special offers on them as well. 

In addition, you can often purchase bulk quantities of the rocks that you want if you’re planning on doing a lot of landscaping at once.

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Paving Contractor Or Paving Company

As a general rule, you should always choose a paving contractor or company that has experience with landscaping projects. 

This will ensure that the finished product is what you want and not just an average job that could have been done by anyone. Make sure they have the right equipment for your project so it can be completed in a timely fashion and without any problems along the way.

Ask for references from previous customers to find out how their experiences went during the project and whether they were satisfied with the end result of their paving project. 

If they seem to be giving vague answers or don’t provide any references at all, then this should raise some red flags about their business practices and ability to deliver on promises made in their proposal (if one was given). 

Check their license and insurance as well because these are two things that are required by law when doing work like this!

Rock Supplier

Rock suppliers are one of the easiest places to buy rocks for landscaping. You can find rock suppliers in your local yellow pages and online, but it’s best to be aware of what you’re looking for when you visit a rock supplier.

First, it helps to know how much rock you need and how much it will cost. If you’re unsure about either of these things, talk with someone at the store or get an estimate from them before purchasing any materials. 

This will help prevent surprises in terms of pricing and volume when your order arrives at home or work.

Next, make sure that whatever type of material is best suited for your use based on its durability and ability to withstand weather conditions such as freezing temperatures (if applicable). 

Tree Farm, Nursery, Garden Center, Landscaping Company Or Lawn Service

You can find good rock at most nurseries and garden centers, or you can get them directly from a tree farm. Check with your local landscaping company or lawn service to see if they have any rock leftover after their projects.


Buying rocks is a great way to get started with landscaping, but it’s not something that you should take lightly. 

It’s important to find the right supplier or the best price so that your project will be successful and last for years. Keep these tips in mind when shopping around for rocks:

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What are some benefits of using landscaping rocks?

Landscaping rocks can add texture, depth, and contrast to your outdoor space, while also helping with drainage, erosion control, and weed suppression.

What are some popular types of landscaping rocks?

Some popular types of landscaping rocks include river rock, pea gravel, granite, limestone, and sandstone. Each type has its own unique features, pros, and cons.

How do I choose the right size of landscaping rocks to use?

Choosing the right size of landscaping rocks depends on the scale of your outdoor space and the effect you wish to achieve. For example, larger rocks work well as focal points or borders, while smaller rocks can be used as ground cover.

How do I incorporate landscaping rocks into my garden design?

Landscaping rocks can be used in a variety of ways, such as as ground cover, mulch, pathways, borders, and accent features. Consider their color, shape, texture, and size when incorporating them into your garden design.

How do I maintain landscaping rocks?

To maintain your landscaping rocks, regularly remove debris, leaves, and weeds from the rocks, but be careful not to disturb the soil underneath. Additionally, you may want to hose down the rocks occasionally to remove dirt or mud.