Where To Buy Landscaping Timbers? (Find OUT)

Landscaping is a big part of home improvement, whether it’s for aesthetic or practical purposes. It’s important to choose the right materials to install on your property because they’ll be there for years to come. 

One of the most popular types of landscaping materials are timbers, which are used in many different ways. If you’re looking for where to buy landscaping timbers, this article will tell you all about your options!

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Key Takeaways
Choosing the right landscape timber size is essential for your project.
Pressure-treated landscape timbers are more durable and last longer.
Installing landscape timbers requires a basic understanding of landscaping techniques.
Landscape timbers come in various types and can be used for different landscaping projects.
Maintaining landscape timbers is essential for their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a great place to find landscaping timbers. You can find them in the lumber section, and they have a wide variety of sizes and types of timbers. 

The staff is knowledgeable about the product and can answer any questions you may have about the products or how to use them properly.

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The first place to look for landscaping timbers is Lowes. This is because they offer a wide range of timbers, with a good selection of sizes and types. 

They also have an excellent price on the timbers, which makes it easy for you to get your project done quickly and easily without having to spend too much time or money on it.

Another benefit of shopping at Lowe’s is that their staff is knowledgeable about all aspects of home improvement projects, so if there are any questions about their products or services then they will be able to answer them for you right away without having to wait around until another employee gets off from their break!

Top Landscape Timbers at Lowes

Landscape TimberSizeType
Pressure-Treated Landscape Timbers3-in x 4-in x 8-ftRound top
Natural Larch Landscape Timbers2.75-in x 4-in x 8-ftSquare edge
Railroad Tie Landscape Timbers7-in x 9-in x 8.5-ftNatural
Oak Landscape Timbers3-in x 4-in x 8-ftSquare edge

This table showcases some of the top landscape timbers available at Lowes, including pressure-treated, natural larch, railroad tie, and oak landscape timbers. It also includes the size and type of each timber to help you choose the right one for your landscaping project.


Menards is a chain of home improvement stores that sell a variety of different products including lumber, building materials and tools. They have a large selection of landscaping timbers and can be found in most states.

Menards is a good place to buy lumber for your project because there are several locations throughout the United States where you can find these products at affordable prices. 

The store also offers specials so that you can save money when buying them online or visiting their local store location near your home or business address.

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Ebay is a great place to find cheap, used lumber. I’d recommend buying wood that has been cut to length and seasoned (the process of drying out the wood). 

Ideally, you want to avoid kiln dried or pressure treated wood unless you know exactly what you’re doing with it. If the piece of wood has been sanded, then that’s another good sign that it’s ready for your project!


Amazon is a great place to purchase landscaping timbers. They have a wide selection, they do not charge sales tax in most states and they offer free shipping on most products over $25.

Customer service is another reason why Amazon is superior when it comes to buying your landscaping timbers online. If you have any questions or concerns, there are several ways that Amazon can help you:

Customer Service Chat – You can chat with an agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using this feature available at the bottom right-hand corner of their website (just click on “Live Help”). Just type any question into the text box above their picture and hit enter! They will respond within seconds!

Contact Us Page – This page gives you all kinds of contact information for different departments including customer service, returns/refunds, privacy policy and more!

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Kmart is a great place to buy landscaping timbers. Kmart has a wide selection of landscape timbers at a reasonable price. Kmart has many different sizes and styles of landscape timbers, so you can find the right one for your project.

Top Landscape Timbers at Kmart

Landscape TimberSizeType
Pine Landscape Timbers3-in x 4-in x 8-ftSquare edge
Natural Wood Landscape Timbers2.75-in x 4-in x 8-ftRound top
Pressure-Treated Landscape Timbers4-in x 4-in x 8-ftSquare edge
Cedar Landscape Timbers3.5-in x 3.5-in x 8-ftSquare edge

Kmart is one of the best places to buy landscaping timbers, and this table showcases some of the top landscape timbers available at Kmart. Whether you’re looking for pine, natural wood, pressure-treated, or cedar landscape timbers, Kmart has a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from, making it easier for you to find the right timber for your landscaping project.


There are many places that you can purchase your landscaping timbers, but one of the most popular and convenient places is Walmart. 

In this article, we will go over some of the reasons why you should consider buying your timbers from Walmart, as well as some useful tips on how to find the right lumber for your project!

Walmart has a wide variety of different sizes and types of timbers available at their stores. This makes it easier for homeowners who need to buy large amounts of lumber at once because they don’t have to go through three different stores just to get everything they need. 

Other stores only carry certain types or sizes in stock at any given time too so finding something specific could be difficult if you’re shopping elsewhere than Walmart (depending on where exactly). 

What’s more is that these prices usually fall within range with other retailers’ prices too so there shouldn’t be much reason not use them either way when choosing between two similar options (for now).

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Landscaping Supply Company

Landscaping supply companies are the best place to buy landscaping timbers. They have a wide range of timbers available, so you can choose from many different styles and sizes of timber. 

They also offer a good selection of in-stock timbers at affordable prices, which means you can get your project started right away without having to wait for it to be delivered or installed.

Craigslist or Social Media Groups

The best place to find lumber is at a hardware store. However, if you don’t have one nearby or they only carry a limited selection, there are other options you can explore. Here are some possibilities:

  • Craigslist and social media groups (if sold by weight)
  • Ask your friends, neighbors and relatives if they have any extra wood lying around in their backyard
  • Ask around your community if anyone has recently built something that might allow them to part ways with some of the leftover materials

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Building Materials Supplier

The Building Materials Supplier is a great place to find all of your building materials, whether you’re looking for some for your home or yard, or even for your business. 

They have everything from wood shingles to stone veneer and everything in between. The options available at the Building Materials Supplier are endless!

Rural Area or Growing Community

If you live in rural area or growing community, chances are that there will be a local lumberyard. These businesses often offer material and services like cutting, milling and shaping timber as well as planning projects.

If you can’t find a local lumberyard, then try contacting your county extension office to find out where they suggest getting your supplies. They may also have information on installing trees, shrubs, grasses and other plants in your area.

In addition to the above options for purchasing landscape timbers, you can also look into buying them online if you don’t have access to any of these resources near you or simply want to save some time shopping around for them locally (we’ve got some great tips on how to identify trustworthy online retailers later in this article).


There are many places that sell landscaping timbers. The most common place is a hardware store and you can find them there.

 However, if you want to save money or if the hardware store doesn’t have any in stock then you should look at other options such as Craigslist or social media groups where people sell things they no longer need. 

If none of these options work then consider buying directly from a lumber yard who deals specifically with wood products like fencing etc..

Further Reading

For more information on the benefits of using landscape timbers for your landscaping projects, check out royomartin.com. This website offers a wide variety of landscape timbers and expert advice to help you get started with your project.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your landscaping needs, visit Menards. Menards offers a great selection of landscape timbers that can meet your specific needs.

Stonewood Products is the perfect website to find high-quality landscape timbers and ties. With its range of options, you’re sure to find the perfect material for your landscaping needs.


What is a landscape timber?

A landscape timber is a piece of lumber that is used for landscaping and garden design. It is usually made of wood and can be used for a variety of landscaping projects.

What are the benefits of using landscape timbers?

Landscape timbers offer various benefits, such as durability, strength, and versatility. They can be used for different landscaping projects and can add a beautiful touch to any landscape design.

Where can I buy landscape timbers?

You can buy landscape timbers at home improvement stores, hardware stores, online retailers, and specialized landscaping stores.

How do I install landscape timbers?

The installation of landscape timbers varies depending on the type of project you’re working on. However, you need to start by measuring and marking the area where you want to install the timbers. Then, begin to dig out the area to make room for the timbers to be installed.

How do I maintain landscape timbers?

Maintaining landscape timbers is relatively easy. You need to clean them regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust. You should also check for signs of rot or insect damage and take necessary measures to prevent further damage.