Where Can Seniors Get Help With Home Repairs?

If you’re a senior citizen living on your own and want to improve the condition of your home, there are several organizations that can help. These groups provide assistance with home repairs, including funding for work that would normally be too expensive for most individuals to afford on their own.

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Government programs that provide home repair assistance for seniors

Your Local Area Agency on Aging

If you need help with home repairs and maintenance, your local Area Agency on Aging can be a good resource. 

These agencies are part of the National Aging and Disability Services Administration (NADSA), which works to help people age 50+ stay in their homes as long as possible. 

They can provide information on local services and programs, as well as assess whether you qualify for assistance.

When looking for free home repairs, it’s important to know where to start. Check out our guide on how to get free home repairs for seniors to learn about the different resources available to seniors, including grants and loans.

Government Programs for Senior Home Repair

The government offers a variety of programs to help seniors with home repairs. You can learn about them on the federal and state websites for your area. 

There are programs that provide funds for energy efficiency improvements, such as insulation or new windows. Other programs help pay for roof repairs or plumbing issues, and some even provide funding for an entire house remodeling project.

The application process is fairly simple: you fill out an application form online or through mail with your contact information and basic details about the repair you need done. 

Some agencies may require additional documentation from you before they approve your request, so read up on any specific requirements before applying! If approved, it usually takes anywhere from weeks to months before receiving any money back (or not).

It’s important that you understand how long each program lasts in order to make sure it fits into your financial plan as well as how much time will be taken up by applications and wait times between receiving money back versus having repairs completed at home; some programs only last two years while others might be permanent depending upon what kind of repair was needed originally.”

Government Programs for Senior Home Repair

Program NameDescription
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Offers resources to seniors who need home repairs, including home rehabilitation and repair programs, as well as grants and loans.
USDA Rural Development ProgramProvides loans, grants, and loan guarantees to low-income seniors who need home repairs or modifications, as well as assistance with home improvement and repairs.
Area Agencies on AgingLocal agencies that offer community-based programs that provide assistance with home repairs for seniors who meet specific income criteria.
Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)Assists low-income seniors with weatherizing their homes, including insulation, energy-efficient windows, and weatherstripping, to reduce energy bills and utility costs.
Assistance from State and Local GovernmentsMany states also have programs to assist senior citizens with home repairs. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging to inquire about the programs available in your area.

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income homeowners with home repairs. 

The organization is made up of local volunteers who donate their time and skills to help homeowners in need. 

Rebuilding Together also provides free home energy assessments, so if you’re having trouble staying warm during the winter months or your house is over 100 years old, this could be an option for you.

In addition to repairing homes, Rebuilding Together can assist with other important services as well such as:

  • Debris removal
  • Leaf removal
  • Trash hauling

Finding a reliable contractor is key to getting quality home repairs done. Check out our guide on how to find someone to do home repairs to learn about the different ways to search for a contractor, such as asking for recommendations and checking online reviews.

The Right Hand of St. James Episcopal Church

The Right Hand of St. James Episcopal Church is an Orlando-based nonprofit that helps seniors with home repairs and other needs. 

The organization’s mission is “to provide essential services to the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged in our community.”

If you need assistance with repairs, water damage or mold removal, call 407-898-1374 or visit righthandstjames.org for more information.

NeighborWorks America

NeighborWorks America is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income families and individuals with housing, home repairs, and community development. 

The organization has a network of more than 1,200 neighborhood-based organizations that provide affordable housing and community development services in over 900 communities across the country.

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Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America (VOA) is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to the elderly in need. VOA’s mission is to help people who are living with disabilities or struggling from mental illnesses.

The services provided by VOA include:

  • Home repairs and renovations
  • Transportation
  • Home safety improvements (such as installing smoke detectors)
  • Home accessibility improvements (such as installing ramps)

Volunteers of America

Services Offered by VOADescription
Housing Programs for SeniorsVOA provides housing programs for seniors who need affordable housing and supportive services.
Home Repair and Modification AssistanceAssists seniors in making necessary repairs and modifications to their homes, such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and other accessibility features.
Home-Delivered Meals ProgramProvides nutritious meals to seniors who are unable to leave their homes.
Transportation ServicesOffers transportation services to seniors who have mobility issues and need help getting to medical appointments or running errands.
Behavioral Health ServicesVOA offers behavioral health services to seniors who are struggling with mental illness or substance abuse issues and need specialized care and treatment.

Hands On Orlando

Hands On Orlando is a nonprofit organization that helps seniors and adults with disabilities in the Orlando area. 

They offer home repairs, transportation and other services. You can also volunteer your time to help with their programs.

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The Foundation for Senior Living

Founded in 2000 and based in the Chicago area, The Foundation for Senior Living is a nonprofit organization that provides free help to seniors and their families. Services are available to anyone over age 62, regardless of income or health status.

The foundation offers a variety of programs and services, including:

  • Home repair assistance
  • Emergency energy assistance (including heating bill payments)
  • Transportation assistance (to medical appointments and grocery stores)

WCCOA in Washington County, PA.

WCCOA in Washington County, PA is a program that helps older adults maintain their homes. The non-profit works with seniors and their families to identify issues that could potentially cause safety problems. 

When getting home repairs done, it’s important to have a solid contract in place to protect both you and the contractor. Check out our guide on how to get a home improvement contract to learn about the key elements to include in your contract, such as a detailed scope of work, payment terms, and warranties.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

If you’re looking for help with home repairs, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago might be a good resource. 

This nonprofit organization offers services to people of all faiths and can connect you with financial assistance, case management and advocacy services.

Catholic Charities has its own home repair program that provides independent living grants for low-income seniors who meet certain income requirements. 

The program also offers one-time grants for non-medical emergency needs such as home repairs or utility disconnection prevention services.


As you’ve seen, there are many different types of home repair programs and resources available to seniors. 

Some programs focus on maintenance while others help seniors make long-term repairs or renovations that will improve their quality of life. 

The key is finding one that best fits your needs so you can keep living in your own home for years to come!

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What are some common home repairs that seniors may need help with?

Seniors may need help with a variety of home repairs, including but not limited to repairing leaky faucets, installing grab bars in the bathroom, replacing light fixtures, fixing windows, repairing or replacing roofs and air conditioning units.

Are there any government programs that provide assistance with home repairs for seniors?

Yes, there are government programs that provide assistance with home repairs for seniors. Some examples include the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development program.

How can seniors find reliable contractors for home repairs?

Seniors can find reliable contractors for home repairs by seeking recommendations from family and friends or checking online reviews and ratings. It’s also essential to check their credentials, licenses, and certificates before hiring.

Can seniors get free home repairs?

Yes, some programs or organizations offer free home repairs for seniors. However, eligibility for these programs may vary depending on factors such as income, location, and type of repair needed.

Should seniors hire a contractor or try to do home repairs themselves?

Seniors should hire a contractor for significant home repairs or repairs that require experience and specific tools. On the other hand, minor repairs can probably be done by the senior themselves and may save money.