Where Can I Find Landscaping Rocks? (Explained)

It’s a common question for homeowners: where can I find landscaping rocks? Since this is such a common question, we thought it would be helpful to compile all of the possible places that you might be able to find them.

Landscape Rocks

Sure, here’s the Takeaway table:

Landscaping rocks come in many different types and can be used to create stunning outdoor features.
When choosing landscaping rocks, consider factors such as the type, size, and color that will best complement your outdoor space.
Landscaping rocks can be used for a variety of projects, from creating walkways and borders to water features and accent pieces.
Installing landscaping rocks involves preparing the area, laying a weed barrier, and spreading out the rocks to keep them in place.
To keep your landscaping rocks looking their best, maintain them by periodically raking and adding more rocks as needed.

Your Local Landscaper Supply Company

A landscaping supply company can help you find the right rocks for your project. They can also help you find the right rocks for your budget, and they can even help you find the right rocks to meet your needs.

If you are looking for landscaping rocks in Georgia, then one of these companies is perfect for you!

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Companies That Quarry

You can find landscaping rocks at a number of different places. The first place to look is quarries. 

Quarries are companies that dig up rock and sell it in bulk, so they tend to be large operations with lots of trucks coming in and out every day.

If you don’t want to risk buying from an unknown source, there are also lots of reputable local businesses that specialize in selling landscaping rocks as well. They include:

  • Rock quarries
  • Rock suppliers (often called “rock yards”)
  • Rock and gravel suppliers (often called “gravel yards”)

Sure, here’s a possible table based on the semantic of “Companies That Quarry”:

Companies That Quarry

Company NameLocationSpecialties
Acme Stone CompanyTexas, USALimestone, sandstone, and marble
Granite Mountain QuarriesArkansas, USAGranite
Hanson AggregatesPennsylvania, USACrushed stone, sand, gravel, and asphalt
CemexMexicoCement and aggregates
Martin MariettaNorth Carolina, USAAggregates, cement, ready-mixed concrete, and asphalt
LafargeHolcimSwitzerlandCement, aggregates, and concrete
Vulcan Materials CompanyAlabama, USASand, gravel, crushed stone, asphalt, and ready-mix concrete

This table provides a list of companies that quarry various materials, along with their respective locations and specialties. This information can be useful for those who are looking to purchase landscaping rocks or other products that require these types of materials.


If you’re lucky enough to live in or near a large city, Craigslist can be a great way to find landscaping rocks.

Craigslist is free and open to everyone—all you have to do is search for “landscaping rocks” and see what comes up. 

You may have luck finding someone who has extra rocks they’d like to give away. Or perhaps somebody has just moved into a new house, and they need a few more of these big stones for the garden path.

If this doesn’t work out for you, there are other ways of getting your hands on landscaping rocks. If possible, try asking friends or family members if any of them know anybody who might want their driveway paved over with rock instead of concrete. You never know who could be willing!

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Freecycle is a network of people who want to recycle and upcycle items. It’s like Craigslist, but you have to give away things for free instead of selling them.

Freecycle is a nonprofit organization that provides an online forum where members can post items they no longer need, along with personal messages seeking free goods or services.

The Freecycle Network is made up of approximately five million members worldwide, who exchange everything from books to baby clothes to musical instruments. 

There are more than 100 individual groups in the United States alone! If you’re looking for something specific like landscaping stones for your garden it might be best to find one near where you live and join their group so that other members know how much space rocks occupy and how much weight they add when shipping them out via UPS (or whatever).

A River Or Stream Near You

The first place to look is in the stream bed. You may have remembered spots where there were rocks that were easy to collect and free, but you can also look at the banks of your local river or stream. 

There are often little mini-canyons where you can find large chunks of rocks that are just waiting for someone like you to pick them up!

You might also want to check under some of the larger rocks near where you live; if there’s enough moss or other vegetation growing on top of it, there might be something underneath (and usually nothing will be disturbed by this). You never know what kind of treasures could be hiding under there!

Always make sure that whatever land you’re about to enter has been deemed safe before entering it yourself. 

A great way for beginners who don’t know much about fishing yet is doing so for survival purposes only – after all: why risk getting sick from contaminated water?

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Friends Or Family

If you have friends or family who have landscaped their yards, ask them if they have any extra rocks. They may not need them anymore and would be happy to get rid of them for you. Even if they don’t have any excess rocks to give away, it’s possible that they know someone who does!

If you can’t find any rocks through your personal network of friends and family, try asking around at local nurseries or gardening centers. 

If they don’t already carry landscape rock, perhaps they can order some for you from another store in the area that does sell the material. 

Another option is to check with construction companies; many do excavation work on new building sites and will often leave behind lots of broken bricks, concrete blocks or other debris that could be put back into circulation as decorative landscaping elements.

Sure, here’s a possible table based on the semantic of “Friends or Family”:

Friends or Family

NameLocationType of RockAmount Available
JaneCalifornia, USARiver rock10 cubic feet
JohnArizona, USALimestone5 tons
SarahTexas, USAPea gravel3 cubic yards
MarkFlorida, USAGranite2 tons
DavidColorado, USABasalt4 cubic yards

This table lists friends or family who may have extra landscaping rocks for you to use. The location of each person and the type and amount of rock they have are also provided. This information can be useful for those who are looking to obtain rocks for their outdoor projects but want to avoid the expense of purchasing them from a store.

Landscaping Or Rock Suppliers

You can find landscaping rocks at a variety of places. A good place to start is with a local landscaping company. They know the best places to get rocks, and they have trucks that can help you load up. 

If you don’t know any landscapers in your area, try searching online for “landscaping rock suppliers.” You’ll probably have better luck finding them if you’re looking in your state or city rather than nationwide—but either way, it’s worth a shot!

Another option is going straight to the source: rock shops! Rock hounds are often more than happy to part with some of their beautiful stones. 

Just remember that not all rocks are suited for landscaping uses; make sure the ones you buy are durable enough not only for your garden but also for your environment (i.e., rain).

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Local Landscape Provider

It’s likely that the best source of rocks for your project is a local landscape provider. This is because they often have a selection of rocks in stock and can advise you on what types will work best for the job.

In addition, landscapers tend to be creative people who are always looking for new ways to use materials in their work. 

You might find that they have ideas or suggestions for how to incorporate rocks into your landscape design that hadn’t occurred to you during your initial brainstorming sessions!

Even Your Driveway Can Be A Source Of Rocks!

Even your driveway can be a source of landscaping rocks! If you have a gravel or stone driveway, look to see if it’s possible to use some of those smaller stones as part of your landscaping. 

(Just make sure they aren’t too small you don’t want people tripping over them.) If you can’t find enough rocks, then consider purchasing more from a local landscaping supply company.

You can also use small stones or pebbles in place of larger rocks in your yard. These will add texture and contrast without adding too much weight that could cause problems with drainage or stability of the soil on top.

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Rock Shops And Rock Hounds

Rock shops and rock hounds are a great resource for finding rocks. Rock hounds are people who collect rocks. These people typically have many different types of rocks and may be willing to sell them at a reasonable price. 

Some rock hounds also sell their finds at rock shops, so it’s worth checking out your local shop if you want to find some unique specimens. 

Rock shops provide an excellent opportunity for learning more about where certain types of stones can be found and how much they cost in different areas around the country or world

Local Rockhounds Groups

Rockhounds are people who love collecting rocks. They can be found in any major city, and they’ll often have a lot of rocks to get rid of. If you’re looking for landscaping rocks, check with your local rockhounds group! 

These folks are always eager to get rid of their extra specimens. And if you’re lucky, the members might even have some knowledge about different types of rocks that applies specifically to gardening!


After all, landscaping rocks are a great way to bring the natural world into your space. It’s also a way for you to get creative with how you use them. 

You can create beautiful flower beds and even build small fountains with these rocks! So if you’re looking for something new in your yard or garden, why not try landscaping stones?

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What types of landscaping rocks are available?

There are many different types of landscaping rocks available, including granite, river rock, lava rock, pea gravel, and more. The best type of rock to choose depends on your specific landscaping needs and the look you want to achieve.

How much do landscaping rocks cost?

The cost of landscaping rocks varies depending on the type of rock, the quantity you need, and where you live. It’s best to do research ahead of time and compare prices from different suppliers to get the best deal.

How do I install landscaping rocks?

To install landscaping rocks, you’ll need to first prepare the area by removing any grass, plants, or debris. Then, you’ll lay a weed barrier to prevent weed growth and spread a layer of rock on top. Be sure to level out the rocks and keep them contained with an edge.

How do I landscape with rocks?

To landscape with rocks, you can use them to create paths, borders, accents, and focal points in your yard. It’s best to plan out your landscaping design ahead of time and start with a small area before tackling larger projects.

How do I maintain landscaping rocks?

To maintain landscaping rocks, you’ll need to periodically rake them to remove debris and leaves. You may also need to add more rocks as they settle or replace any that become discolored or damaged over time.